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Cultivating Breakthroughs
   - Harnessing the Power of Academic Seeds
      in Cancer Therapy

A-SEEDS, an innovative biotech company sprouted from Shinshu University, is dedicated to pioneering advanced treatments for life-threatening cancers. Harnessing the potential of non-viral genetic engineering, our cutting-edge immune cell therapy opens up new horizons of hope for patients seeking effective and transformative solutions.

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Unleashing the Power of Non-Viral
Gene-Modified CAR-T Cell Therapy

At A-SEEDS, we are driven by a profound purpose:

"To redefine the landscape of cancer treatment and ignite a ray of hope for a brighter future".

Our unwavering commitment is to provide highly effective therapies that reach a multitude of individuals, transforming their lives in the battle against cancer.


Pioneering Limitless Potential

Deep within the core of our mission resides a dynamic team of distinguished medical professionals, researchers, and experts in non-clinical safety studies and clinical trial support.

Together, we share a resolute vision:

"To unleash the extraordinary power of non-viral gene-modified CAR-T cell therapy."

Transforming Vision into Life-Altering Treatment

We seamlessly unite each stage of development, embarking on an exceptional voyage that encompasses groundbreaking research, meticulous non-clinical trials, and swift clinical implementation.

Through our relentless pursuit of innovation, we endeavor to bring to fruition a therapy that redefines the realm of cancer treatment.

Enabling Swift Accessibility

Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the delivery of this pioneering therapy to a multitude of patients, leaving an indelible impact on their lives.

By bridging the gap between scientific discovery and patient care, we aim to empower individuals with timely access to life-changing treatments, fostering a society where hope triumphs over cancer.

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